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Orbitrap mass spectrometers offer the highest levels of accuracy and precision.
Benefit from the high-resolution, accurate-mass (HRAM) performance advantages offered by our unique Orbitrap mass analyzers. Orbitrap systems connect to liquid chromatography equipment to enhance separation of unknown and known compounds and enable high-throughput workflows.

Triple Quads

Confident quantitation with triple quadrupole LC-MS systems. Triple quadrupole systems (TQMS) are tandem mass spectrometers consisting of two quadrupole mass analyzers in series, with a (non-mass-resolving) radio frequency (RF)–only quadrupole between them to act as a cell for collision-induced dissociation. They offer reliable targeted quantification of metabolites.


Liquid chromatography (LC) is a technique widely used to separate compounds from a sample prior to analysis and is frequently coupled to mass spectrometry. With LC, separation of the sample components is based on the interactions of the compounds with the mobile and stationary phases, and the degree of compound separation is related to each compound's affinity for the mobile phase. Following chromatographic separations, compounds elute off of the column, desolvated into the gas phase and ionized at an ionization source, and are then introduced into the mass spectrometer for mass analysis.


Gas chromatography mass spectrometer (GCMS) is an analytical technique that combines the separation properties of gas chromatography with the detection feature of mass spectrometry to identify different substances within a test sample.
Gas chromatography is used to separate the volatile and thermally stable organic compounds in a sample whereas MS fragments the analyte and identifies it by matching the mass of breakdown products through a mass spectrometry compound database.

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